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The need of the hour for manufacturing industries to overcome aggressive business competition does not rest only with techno-savvy production line equipment and gadgets but also depends on smart technology used to leverage their true potential. Yes, ERP software for Manufacturing Industry in India is the best bet to set right all the parameters that define growth even in constrained conditions. And who better than Noetic Labs, the leading ERP software company in Pune , can deliver these much-needed aspects through robust ERP solutions?

What is ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry?

The manufacturing industry which was otherwise conventionally driven until the last decade and a half or so, witnessed a paradigm shift in the past few years. The shift made technology a significant part of the industry, thus making it more technologically driven and efficient.

One of the most significant 21st-century tech-based additions to the manufacturing industry is ERP. ERP software for manufacturing industry refers to a system that helps integrate and streamline the business operations of various verticals of a manufacturing company. It aims to augment process efficiency and product quality to enable modern-day manufacturers to stay competent, meet the pressing volume manufacturing needs, and fulfill the evolving needs of consumers.

ERP manufacturing software is an integrated system that allows manufacturers to manage production, distribution, and sales in real-time. Additionally, it helps manufacturers leverage data by transforming it into business-ready insights that enable informed decision-making.

Benefits of ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry | How does ERP Help in Manufacturing?

The Best ERP software for the manufacturing industry brings several benefits to the business owners’ table. One can confidently say that it revolutionizes the manufacturing ecosystem, fostering enhancements across the operational, commercial, and strategic front. Let’s look at a few benefits of ERP software for the manufacturing industry.

  • Standardization of Business Processes
  • One of the most prominent benefits of ERP manufacturing software for manufacturing companies is the uniformization of business processes. A single ERP system integrated across the entire organization can help streamline and standardize various business processes from manufacturing to distribution and sales. So, every unit delivers the same product quality and takes the same manufacturing time.

  • Increased Process Efficiency
  • Automation is one of the vital aspects of ERP software for the manufacturing industry. It allows manufacturers to automate and expedite many repetitive tasks involved in manufacturing. As a result, an ERP system accelerates manufacturing and several other related tasks significantly. It, in turn, enables manufacturers to meet higher volume demands.

  • Improved Inventory Management
  • ERP software for manufacturing industries helps monitor inventory and internal and external stock movements. It translates to reduced inventory wastage and enhanced and controlled use of inventory. The combined impact of these factors is better for controlling inventory costs.

  • Enhanced Product Quality
  • ERP software programs manufacturing activities based on customer demands and the rules and regulations of the target region. As a result, manufacturing takes place per the standards specified, thus ensuring the desired levels of product quality and compliance.

  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • As mentioned earlier, an ERP system replaces manual manufacturing processes with automated ones. So, practically, companies achieve more from less and do so within a lesser workforce.

    Additionally, reduced inventory costs and streamlining of business operations at the organizational level are factors that help lower operational costs to a significant extent. Of course, the system demands an initial investment. However, considering the long-term benefits, the investment is worth it.

  • Data Leverage
  • Manufacturing companies also generate tons of data every day. Leveraging such massive amounts of data is crucial from the viewpoint of informed business decision-making. An ERP system precisely proves helpful here. It helps transform unstructured data into business-ready insights to help manufacturers analyze the insights, identify pain points, formulate improvements and thus make informed business decisions.

Key features

  • Streamline the process to arrive at better optimization solutions
  • Identify and implement effective cost-control measures to achieve better operational efficiency and profits.
  • Meet the ever-growing demands of customer satisfaction and standards
  • Satiate the stringent requirements of traceability, regulations, and compliances
  • Seamless interaction with various verticals in the industry to harness maximum productivity.

Perhaps the claim about the potential of our ERP for manufacturing industry can be well illustrated by enlisting the key features:

  • Identify, plan, create and execute optimized production plans for a machine and men based on their capacities
  • Manage and have a solid grip over quality control
  • Monitor waste and rejections to improve process and schedule machine maintenance
  • Get key metrics to arrive at the best machine consumption and downtime analysis
  • Generate production reports and prepare variations between actual and estimated costs
  • Much more than you can ever imagine.

In short, Noetic Labs, the most sought-after solutions provider of ERP manufacturing software in India , can integrate your production with all stakeholders - suppliers, vendors, customers, machines, and manpower.

Our customized ERP solutions are not restricted to the manufacturing sector. To cater to the requirement of web-based ERP solutions for employee and product management, we create robust solutions that can be seamlessly integrated. Our ERP solutions include

  • Purchase management
  • Operation management
  • Dispatch management
  • Inventory management
  • Employee record management

To encapsulate, Noetic Labs can help you attain unimaginable heights through custom ERP software development. To know how it can benefit your manufacturing process or business management, connect with us for a demo and presentation.

ERP Modules:

A] Finance & Accounts
Ledger, AP, & AR Management Creation of Accounst Ledgers, Customer,Vendor and Employees Ledgers automatically generates once the Empoyee, Customer and Vendor Code is generated. Easily Generates the Outstanding Amount Reports of Customers and Vendors. Daily as on date Oustanding Amount displayed in the Dashboard.
Customer Locking System Customer Payment not Received after Payment due date then the customer gets locked
Taxation GST Calculation, GSTR -1, GSTR -2, GSTR -3 Reports Generate from the system. TCS and TDS calculated Automatically as per the new Rules
Banking Process Receipt, Payment and Bank Reconciliation Statement
B] Purchase
Purchase Indent Any Department can issue a Purchase Indent for the Material Required
Vendor Price List The Purchase Department will Create Vendor wise Price List for the Items. The Prices are fetched in Purchase Order.
Purchase Order The Purchase Department generates Purchase Order against Purchase Indent. Secondary Purchase Order can be generated against Outsourced Process
Approvals Multi Level Approvers can be set for Purchase Order
Sales Order Multi Location Inventory Management
Customer Schedule Material Valuation
Customer Price List Goods Inward & Outward
Material Requisition And Issue
Quality & Inventory Control
Daily Production Plan In Process Quality
Production Log Pre Dispatch Quality
Route Card Raw Material Inspection
Human Resource Management
SMS & Email Notification
Plant Maintenance

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